Hampi - King’s Balance

Hampi – King’s Balance

Thula Bhara or King’s Balance in Hampi is located to the south-west of Vittala Temple. The King’s Balance was built in 15th century CE.

The balance was used by the kings of the Vijayanagara Empire on special occasions such as eclipses, Coronation, Dasara to weigh himself with gold, silver, gems, precious stones and jewellery and give away those in charity.

The two beautifully carved granite pillars are 15 feet tall and support a heavy stone beam of about 12 feet across. The balance stands as an impressive example of glorious Vijayanagara times!

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/XXdWR18xUM8oSctb8

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About Hampi:

Hampi (Kishkinda), Karnataka is situated on the banks of river Tungabhadra 340 km north of Bengaluru.

With more than 1,600 monuments covering ~40 sq kms, Hampi is a World Heritage Site and World’s Largest Open-air Museum.

Hampi, referred to as Kishkinda in Ramayana, has ancient history traceable to thousands of years.

Most of the current day ruins were built by Vijayanagara kings during 1336 – 1565 CE.

Hampi at one time was most prosperous and considered to be the largest city in the World. As per the chronicles of European and Persian travellers, Hampi had dedicated trading markets for diamonds, pearls, silks, brocades, and had opulent palaces, marvelous temples, royal quarters, embassies for foreign emissaries, massive fortifications, large pools, baths, water management systems, aquaducts, pavilions, stables, riverside features, pillared halls, Mandapas, memorial structures, gateways and defence check posts.

Hampi – it’s a living museum!


Hampi - King’s Balance
Hampi – King’s Balance
Hampi - King’s Balance
Hampi – King’s Balance

Hampi Plan

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